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About Jennifer Jennifer Cross, Master Chocolatier

Jennifer Cross earned her Professional Chocolatiers certification from Ecole Chocolate, and then traveled to Italy where she received her Master Chocolatier's credentials at Agostini Chocolates in Lecco.

Now she is the owner and Head Chocolatier at Jennifer Chocolates, her namesake store located in Nakusp, BC.

In her first year of business at the chocolate shop, Jennifer often worked alone without staff, making chocolates at her workstation while watching the shop and serving customers at the same time. The open workspace concept was born of necessity but is still a big part of the shop today.

Jennifer found that the customers enjoyed watching her work and learning more about how the chocolates were made, they were excited to see the work being done as they watched. Even now there is a workstation in the shop where customers can watch their favourite chocolate creations being made right in front of them!

The ChocolatesAssorted Chocolate Box

The Jennifer Chocolates product line has grown and changed over the years, but it is still made with love, each piece crafted by hand.

The signature dark chocolate truffles have evolved into a whole line of flavoured chocolate truffles, and more flavours and new ideas keep coming all the time.

The famous old fashioned caramel is made from scratch and Jennifer cures her own almond paste for marzipan. The jellies for the Raspberry Cheesecake Hearts and White Lemon Hearts are both made inhouse and in the summer the Chocolate Drumstix are filled with homemade ice cream and caramel.

The Salted Caramel's might be the most popular item sold at the shop, but the Turtles are to die for too.

For those more adventurouse, don't miss out on some of Jennifer's more unique combinations, like black liquorice enrobed in chocolate, or her Indian Curry truffle!

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Unfortuantely it's too hot to ship chocolate during the summer months in Canada. No one wants a box of melted chocolates! We will resume shipping again in the fall.


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